iPhone (any iPhone model for that matter) always brings out lots of emotions, either love or rejection. Apple has once again proven that it can compete with other players in the smartphone market. A stunning new display and fast processor are the most important updates in the line of Apple smartphones. The model features a powerful processor, with ensures the excellent performance of the entire device.

The iPhone has undergone a significant design evolution. Both front and back of the new iPhone are made of high-quality materials. The CEO of Apple has already assured that they are scratch resistant and shatter-proof. However, this is yet to prove to be true.

The iPhone 11 is thinner, making it one of the thinnest smartphones you can buy. Apple has upgraded the camera yet again. With many new features, this new model significantly surpasses its predecessor. Apps can run in the background. The phone features multitasking with low battery consumption and memory use. Multitasking limitations may came as a surprise to some users. However, certain functions are launched automatically, and applications that are not used for a particular period of time are closed automatically as well. It’s multitasking in the true sense of that word.

iPhone users are impressed by the fact how slim the gadget is and by the sharpness of the display. You can either love it or hate it, but it is a fair point that it has plenty of different functions.